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News Archive 2009

19th December 2009

Campaigners Celebrate Tesco Free Christmas In Wanstead

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Campaigners outside Tesco

Campaigners, including members of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party, celebrated Christmas being Tesco free in Wanstead after Tesco delayed the opening of their unpopular store until January. Campaigners held a stall last Saturday (December 19th) giving out mince pies and hot tea to people in Wanstead to celebrate as well as encouraging more people to boycott Tesco in Wanstead.

The campaign proved very popular with local people and a large number of people vowed to boycott Tesco as they wanted Wanstead to retain its character rather than be dominated by the usual chains. Local shopkeepers also supported the campaign as they saw Tesco as a threat to their livelihoods.

Nish of the nearby Londis store said he is very worried about the impact of Tescos – the shop is his livelihood and supports his family. They have been there for 30 years and hope to have another 30 but are concerned that they may not be able to. Other shopkeepers expressed their concern too.

Ashley Gunstock - The Green Party Leading Spokesperson for Redbridge - stated, "I am pleased that the residents and traders of Wanstead will be celebrating a Christmas and a beginning to a new year that is Tesco free." Ashley - who is The Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Leyton & Wansted - also suggested that, "What with the all difficulties that Tesco is encountering, in trying to open its store in the high street, perhaps it was just not meant to be."

12th December 2009

Greens Call For Tesco Boycott

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Campaigners including Ashley Gunstock and Mark Dawes

Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party launched the campaign to boycott Tesco in Wanstead last Saturday (12th December). Tesco are going to open their store in Wanstead against the wishes of many residents and local shop keepers. Wanstead has a thriving high street with a large variety of shops but this is threatened by Tesco who are seeking to dominate the market.

Within a couple of miles or so, there are Tesco stores in Leytonstone, Leyton, Lea Bridge Road, South Woodford, Woodford, Hoe Street, Walthamstow, Maryland and Forest Gate. The Greens are working to protect Wanstead High Street from becoming another clone high street with the same chain shops.

Ashley Gunstock - Leading Spokesperson for the Green Party in Redbridge - stated, "We are urging the people of Wanstead to boycott Tesco - which we believe will have a negative impact on the High Street - and continue to support their local traders." Ashley - who is the Green Parliamentary Candidate for Leyton & Wanstead - added, "Tesco may claim that it is giving people greater choice but, wherever Tesco open, local shops are often put out of business and the result, more often than not, becomes a choice of one - Tesco. However judging by the support support that we are receiving from local residents, as well as from traders, we believe that Tesco will not be getting things all its own way."

The Impact of Tesco

5th December 2009

Greens march for action on Climate Change

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Left to right, Ashley Gunstock, Steve Lambert, Jean Lambert MEP, Mark Dawes and Wilson Chowdhry

Members of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party marched from Hyde Park Corner, past the US embassy in Grosvenor Square and on to Parliament to call for action on climate change last Saturday, December 5th. The march had over 50,000 people and as well as the Green Party was supported by organizations such as Oxfam, Christian Aid, World Development Movement, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, WWF, RSPB, UNICEF, Campaign against Climate Change, VIVA, UNISON and numerous others.

There is now a scientific consensus that climate change is happening and it is the result of human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels and the farming of animals for meat and dairy products. In fact, it is happening at a faster rate than previously thought. Unless action is taken now, the planet will experience extreme weather, food shortages, mass extinction of species and escalating wars over resources.

The protesters demanded tough action on climate change from the Government and world leaders at the Copenhagen summit next week and for a fair international deal to stop global warming exceeding the critical threshold of 2°C. The Greens are calling for the European Union to commit to at least 40 per cent emissions reductions by 2020. The UK, in particular, has vast amounts of untapped renewable energy like wind, tidal and solar power that could be exploited far more with the right investment and support for development. Green industry could also provide a large number of new jobs at all skill levels.

“Climate change is the biggest threat facing us - even greater than that of international terrorism - and tough action is required now” said Ashley Gunstock, Green Party candidate for Leyton and Wanstead. “It is very important that a deal is reached at Copenhagen that will tackle this crisis and it is up to us all to put pressure on our Governments to make sure this happens” he added.

29th November 2009

Meat-Free Mondays

With the climate change talks in Copenhagen at the beginning of the December, the severe threat of man made climate change is being recognised and hopefully action will be taken, although probably not enough. Individual actions are important as well as international actions and one of the most significant actions individuals can take is to reduce meat, eggs and dairy products from their diet.

Farming and slaughtering animals is now recognised as a significant contributor to climate change. Animal farming is responsible for as much as 50 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions - more than the entire energy and transport sectors combined. Therefore, reducing or eliminating meat and other animal products from our diets is one of the most effective ways in which we can really make a difference to protecting the planet.

A campaign has started by the campaign group Animal Aid to designate Monday, a Meat-Free day. This is a simple action that if everyone took would result in greater carbon savings than taking five million cars off of the road or the equivalent of replacing one billion light bulbs with low-energy ones. It is an action that has been taken up by schools and even Ghent City Council in Belgium. The action has the added benefit of making our diets healthier and helping to end animal suffering.

20th November 2009

Green response to Arcade site plans

The Greens are incredibly disappointed with the council’s current plans for the Arcade site. They are both unsustainable and financially unviable! These plans will see a monstrosity of a development that neither local residents nor Greens want. Labour councillors are completely going against the wishes of local residents by planning a development that is completely out of character with Walthamstow. Local assets such as the Walthamstow Pool and Track should not come at the expense of a quick, election gimmick, sell off.

Instead we should be seeing proper consultation to establish what it is local people want in their local area. Residents and Greens don’t want buildings over 6 storeys and the usual chain stores that blight our town centres, but independent local businesses and state of the art green buildings. Overall this development should maintain not destroy Walthamstow’s greatest asset – its diversity.

1st November 2009

Church blesses animals

I was pleased to read of the service in Barnabas Church, Woodford Green, which blessed animals and reminded people that it is evil to mistreat animals. Animals are all too often exploited in our society whether for food, clothes or recreation. I also agree with Father Sawyer that people who eat meat and eggs should buy free range.

However, I would suggest that the next step for people who care about animals is to stop eating meat and eggs altogether. It is not only good for animals but is good for the environment too. Earlier this week Lord Stern, an authority on climate change, suggested that a vegetarian diet is better for combating climate change as it generates significantly less greenhouse gases, the cause of climate change. The meat and dairy industry actually generate more greenhouse gases than all methods of transport globally. So cutting down on eating meat and eggs is not only good for animals and your health but is good for the planet too.

24th October 2009

Local Greens march for an Immediate Withdrawal from Afghanistan

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Members of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party joined thousands of people on the Stop the War march to protest at the continuing conflict in Afghanistan. The march was held on Saturday 24th October and marked the eighth anniversary of the start of the conflict.

The conflict in Afghanistan is a futile war resulting in continuing deaths of British troops and Afghan citizens. The justifications given by the Government do not make sense, rather than protecting the UK from terrorist strikes, our role in the conflict is making terrorism in the UK more likely. Worryingly there does not seem to be an end to the conflict with more troops going in but no end in sight. The idea that democracy is being brought to Afghanistan is clearly false as can be seen from the rigged election that took place earlier in the year and the opium exports are at record levels.

“It is time for us to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan” said Mark Dawes of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party, “There has been too much bloodshed; it is time to turn to peaceful solutions. The Greens are calling for the setting up of a peace conference of all interested parties, including neighbouring countries, as a positive first step” he added.

6th October 2009

Greens launch petition about the Arcade site

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Left to right, Sarah Cope and Jean Lambert MEP in Walthamstow Market

The Green Party in Waltham Forest has launched a petition about the Arcade site in central Walthamstow. The petition calls on the council to ensure that any development of the site takes account of some basic principles – buildings should be in sympathy with the character of Walthamstow, no building should be above 6 storeys, the development should include small shop units suitable for independent local businesses and the buildings should be green producing zero carbon & using renewable energy.

Activist Sarah Cope joined other Greens including Jean Lambert, Member of the European Parliament and local residents, in Walthamstow market on Saturday to collect signatures.

“Many people were happy to sign the petition” said Sarah, “as they agreed that these principles should be part of any redevelopment. We will be collecting more signatures in future weeks to show the council the strength of local opinion on this issue.”

4th October 2009

Greens demand end to the fur trade

The fur trade is a particularly barbaric industry and completely unnecessary as it is only human vanity that keeps it in business. The fur trade involves extreme cruelty to animals most of which are kept in fur farms where they are imprisoned in tiny, wire cages until they are killed in crude ways such as electrocution or gassing. The animals that are caught in the wild are caught in steel traps that leave the animal in agony for hours or sometimes days.

Whilst the Government has banned fur farming in this country, it still allows fur to be sold in shops, which it should ban too. As well as for coats, fur is used for trimmings on coats and gloves, sometimes without the buyer knowing it is real fur.

Anyone who buys fur helps keep in business the cruel and barbaric fur farms overseas so I would urge everyone not to wear fur. On Saturday October 17th, there is an anti-fur march and rally that will take place around Knightsbridge in London (details can be found at ), which continues to be a major centre of the fur trade and where there are dozens of shops selling fur of all kinds. The march will go past shops such as Fendi, Gucci, Versace, Dolce & Gabanna and Armani, Escada and Joseph and Harrods, the only department store in the UK which still sells fur.

If you can attend the march, it will help stop this cruel industry but if you cannot make the event, I would suggest avoiding any shop that sells fur such as the shops mentioned above. With enough pressure, we can end this cruel industry.

24th September 2009

Greens demand genuine local democracy

The Government is forcing our council to choose between two new models of organising in order to provide ‘strong, visible leadership’. But the White Paper on which this is based says they want to give citizens and communities a bigger say and to reduce the amount of top-down control from central government.

What arrogance! Do they not see the contradiction?

If the Government really wanted to give communities more power, they would be giving local authorities greater powers to raise their own income and changing the electoral system for local government so that the results of elections better reflected how people actually vote (as they have in Scotland). But there is no mention of these things in the White Paper.

The council should tell the Government that their limited options are not enough and they should come back when they have proposals that will really offer a fundamental improvement in the status of local government.

19th July 2009

Waltham Forest deserves a REAL Green Fair!

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Left to right, Ashley Gunstock, Maureen Measure, Mark Dawes, Bill Measure and Steve Lambert outside the entrance to the Green Fair

Greens from Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party handed out leaflets at the so called Green Fair in Walthamstow on Sunday July 19th demanding a real Green Fair. The leaflets were well received by people at the event with a number agreeing that the event was not a real Green Fair. There was widespread disappointment with the event as a whole.

The Council may have called the event a Green Fair; but, sadly, it has been a long time since it has been a REAL Green Fair. A real Green Fair would allow community and environmental groups to show how we can live sustainably. There would be a delicious variety of locally grown organic food to eat and community groups for interested people to get involved with. But that is not what Waltham Forest Council is interested in.

In contrast to the excellent Redbridge Green Fair, the Waltham Forest Green Fair is a shallow event, mainly devoted to propaganda for the council’s attempts to be green. The cost of stalls has increased in recent years as the council seeks to make money rather than provide a genuine community event. This short-sighted policy has led to local groups pulling out making it a lesser event.

The event organisation was half hearted with very few signs to the event and few genuine green stalls. According to a UN report, 18% of the global greenhouse gas emissions that are the cause of climate change come from the meat and dairy industry yet most the food was very meat based with only a few vegetarian options and no food marked as vegan. In contrast, all the food at the Redbridge Green Fair was vegetarian. It was just one example of the lack of green thinking in the organisation of the event.

“The Green Fair should be an event for the local community that promotes genuine sustainability and green living” said Mark Dawes of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party, “an event that is inspiring and is for the people of Waltham Forest not just the Council” he added.

11th July 2009

No to Greyhound Racing in Walthamstow

It is understandable that people are sorry to see the end of Walthamstow Stadium as it is an iconic building in Walthamstow. However, it is worth pointing out that greyhound racing is a cruel business. Every year, thousands of greyhound pups and young dogs are put to death because they fail to reach racing standards, it is estimated that over 10,000 are killed annually in the British Isles.

The dogs which make it to the races are very likely to experience suffering during their racing careers. It has been estimated that greyhounds running on British tracks sustain more than 12,000 injuries every year and that 10% of dogs that race are already suffering from injuries. When the dogs “retire”, not all find good homes; the British greyhound racing industry has admitted that 500 - 1,000 retired greyhounds are put to death every year although Walthamstow was better than most in this regard.

It is time to consign greyhound racing to history along with other cruel activities that have been banned such as dog fighting and fox hunting. We should not let our nostalgia blind us to what we now know about the cruelty of greyhound racing.

4th July 2009

Local Greens join climate change protest at Kingsnorth

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Local Green, Mark Dawes (right) with the World Development Movement’s “Coal Monster” on the demonstration.

Members of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party joined climate change campaigners from all over the country to form a human chain, a “Mili-Band”, around Kingsnorth power station in Kent last Saturday, July 4th. The protest was in opposition to building a new coal-fired power plant at Kingsnorth and to demand Energy Minister Ed Miliband stop all CO2 emissions from dirty coal-fired plants.

As well as the Greens, the organisations involved in the demonstration included the World Development Movement, Oxfam, Christian Aid, People and Planet, The Women’s Institute, the World Development Movement, National Union of Students, Woodcraft Folk, WeCan, RSPB and Greenpeace.

Climate change is already devastating the lives of poor people around the world so if the Government is serious about tackling global poverty and climate change, dirty coal-fired power stations such as Kingsnorth must not go ahead and be built. Burning coal is one of greatest threats to the climate. Even if plans to capture and store some of Kingsnorth’s emissions go ahead, the plant would still emit more than the whole of Tanzania.

Sarah Cope, Walthamstow's Green Party General Election candidate, attended the Kingsnorth protest, along with her husband Chris and 2 year old daughter, Clementine. She said "I am here today to highlight the fact that new coal-fired power stations cannot be the allowed if we are to meet the Government’s aim of a reduction in Carbon emissions of 80% by 2050. Talk of ‘carbon capture’ is just that – talk – and whilst we continue to bury our heads in the sand and think coal, we neglect to invest in and to develop renewables – which could provide jobs for millions."

Sarah continued "Kingsnorth is in many ways a litmus test – if it is allowed to go ahead, we will be giving the green light for more of the same. If cancelled, perhaps we will have the courage to leave coal behind and build really sustainable solutions. My own belief is that there is not just one solution, but an amalgamation of many would be the answer. There are lots of questions still to answer but surely we should be investing more and more in finding those answers now, before it is too late?"

23rd May 2009

Greens join protest against circus

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Protesters outside the circus including Green Mark Dawes.

Mark Dawes of the Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party joined the protest against the Great British Circus at Barkingside organised by supporters of the Captive Animals' Protection Society on Saturday May 23rd. The protest went well with over twenty protesters and a number of people entering the circus took leaflets explaining the cruelty involved in animal circuses.

The circus, unlike the majority of circuses, still (ab)use wild animals as part of their “entertainment”. Wild animals such as lions, tigers and now elephants are exploited and degraded by being circus exhibits and are kept and carted around the country in conditions completely unsuitable for them. This causes great distress and suffering for the animals in an environment so alien to their natural habitat. The tricks they perform come at a price too as the animals are coerced into performing for the public

“I hope anyone thinking of attending the circus considers that by going to the circus, they are supporting cruelty to animals and will decide to boycott it for the sake of the animals” said Mark Dawes of the Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party. “It really is about time animal circuses were consigned to history like other cruel activities such as dog fighting and bear baiting. To exploit and cause such suffering to animals just for the sake of entertainment and money is very immoral” he added.

11th May 2009

Green Party Political Broadcast

4th May 2009

Swine Flu

It is increasingly looking as if it is the factory farming of pigs in Mexico that has caused the current Swine Flu pandemic that is sweeping the world. This follows Bird Flu that originated in the factory farms of South East Asia. It is often thought these countries have small scale farms but there are also massive factory farms there as multi-national companies attempt to supply the cheapest meat possible.

But the meat comes at a price as the treating of animals, pigs in this case, as resources for profit rather than the living creatures they are is not only extremely cruel to the animals but is producing diseases that endanger us all. Animals in factory farms are ideal breeding grounds for viruses as they are kept in over crowded conditions, enclosed indoors with weakened immune systems and an unnatural diet.

The healthiest option for us all is to avoid meat altogether but if we are to eat meat, it should not come from factory farms, not just for the animals sake but ours too.

29th April 2009

Mark Thomas endorses the Greens

19th April 2009

World Day for Animals in Laboratories

Next Saturday April 25th there will be a National March and Rally taking place in London to mark World Day for Animals in Laboratories. The March is to protest at the cruelty inflicted on millions of animals by vivisection and aims to take the anti-vivisection message out to the public and to the heart of government. The March begins at 12 noon in Hyde Park near Speakers Corner, for more details, see

Despite the fact there are now more accurate ways of performing medical research that do not involve animals such as using human cells and tissues and computer modeling, the number of animals being tested on for medical research is increasing in the UK. There are now over three million experiments taking place on animals annually that cause pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm.

But vivisection is not necessary as the results from vivisection are not accurate because of the vast differences of non-human-animals and humans anatomically, physiologically and pathologically. Indeed, there are many examples of results differing from animals to humans, for example, penicillin was first tested on rabbits and was found be ineffective and almost disregarded, arsenic is safe for sheep, aspirin will kill cats and cyanide is safe for owls.

Vivisection causes great suffering for animals resulting in many painful deaths but the Green Party is the only major party that opposes this cruel practice; I hope people will join us on the March to work towards ending vivisection.

28th March 2009

Local Greens march to demand action on jobs, justice and climate

Members of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party joined tens of thousands of people marching through Central London to demand action on jobs, justice and climate. The march was held on Saturday 28th March and went from the Embankment to Hyde Park and ended with a rally with speakers including comedian Mark Thomas. The people marching through London included environmentalists, trade unions, development NGOs and church groups.

The neo-liberal, free market economic system, advocated by the other three main parties, which put economic growth above everything else has led to poverty for the poorest people, climate change and environmental degradation. The people marching called for an economy based on the fair distribution of wealth, decent jobs for all and a low carbon future.

“We need a new economic system that puts people and the environment first” said Mark Dawes of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party. “We cannot go back to business as usual, the time for change is now and only the Greens of the four major parties are offering an alternative based on fairness and genuine sustainability” he added.

1st March 2009

Green comment on the economic crisis

The global economic collapse is not just the failure of a few irresponsible bankers but the result of the misguided policies of a generation of politicians. For years, our Government, firstly the Conservatives and then Labour, have followed the neo-Liberal, free market economic policies of globalisation with the mantra of “there is no alternative”. But these policies were unsustainable, putting short term profits for a tiny elite before the long terms needs of the people and the planet. The three major parties have no solution to the present crisis as they have come to believe their mantra and cannot see outside the old politics.

The Greens recognise the world has limits so we have to plan our economic system accordingly and are offering a genuine alternative –the Green New Deal. The Green New Deal will put massive investment into Green technologies to combat the threat of climate change, also creating thousands of jobs. The banks will be nationalised so they put people before profit and there should be more regulation of the financial sector. We need to make economics work for the people rather than the people for the system.

See more on the Green New Deal at

20th February 2009

Art Centre's cruel exhibit

Camden Arts Centre is putting on an exhibit that has two live peacocks in cage, supposedly "art". This is a disgrace as it is obviously cruel and degrading for the birds, inside a cage as an exhibit is obviously not the natural environment peacocks deserve.

Sadly, this exhibit will encourage other "artists" to use animal cruelty as a way to shock and achieve notoriety in the arts world and so more cruelty will ensue. It is sad that Camden Arts Centre and the Arts Council are now becoming infamous for animal cruelty (see ) rather than for the arts.

I would urge everyone not to visit the Camden Arts Centre whilst this cruel exhibit is on as the centre has shown a lack of compassion for animals. Art should not be used an excuse for cruelty.

5th February 2009

Pigs deserve better

In his recent television program, Jamie Oliver urged people to buy British pork and bacon because the conditions of pigs in farms are better in Britain than abroad. Whilst he was right to point out the very poor conditions of pigs being reared abroad (such as sows kept in sow stalls where they cannot turn around and have to defecate where they stand), sadly, the conditions in a lot of British farms is not much better. Almost all pigs (over 96 per cent in Britain) are raised indoors in intensive units, not roaming freely outside as producers would like us to believe. Most pigs never see any bedding and spend their lives on dirty, wet concrete.

Pigs are actually intelligence animals, as intelligent as dogs if not more so, and highly social creatures. Contrary to what some people may think, they are clean animals too. Pigs deserve better, as do all animals, than be raised in intensive factory farms as happens in Britain as well as abroad. Whilst the most compassionate choice you can make is to not eat pigs at all, if you do so, it is best to buy organic pork and bacon where there is a guarantee of higher welfare standards for the animals.

28th January 2009

Greens award Tesco Rotten Egg Award

Picture not available

(Left to Right) Ashley Gunstock, Ashley’s son Adam, Maureen Measure and Mark Dawes.

Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party awarded the Rotten Egg Award to Tesco in Leytonstone. The Rotten Egg Award was created by Compassion in World Farming and has been awarded to Tesco for failing to improve the lives of over a million hens in their supply chain. Members of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party delivered the award to Tesco in Leytonstone on Saturday 24th January.

Chickens are living, sentient creatures and to subject them to a life in a cage (even an “enriched”* cage) is cruel. A battery hen will spend their short life crammed into a small wire cage with several other hens. The floor is made of wire mesh. Under EU law, the minimum floor space each bird is allowed is less than an A4 sheet of paper. A barren battery cage prevents a hen from carrying out her natural behaviours, such as foraging for food, laying her eggs in a nest, roosting, stretching her wings and dust-bathing and so will cause her extreme physical and psychological stress.

Marks and Spencers, Waitrose and the Co-op have already ended the sale of shell eggs from caged hens. Sainsbury's have committed to do so by 2010 and Morrisons is planning to go free-range on its own label shell eggs by 2010. Unfortunately, Tesco has so far failed to make any commitment to end the sale of eggs from caged hens. Tesco’s failure to end its cruelty to chickens is currently being highlighted by TV Chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on Channel 4.

“As the largest supermarket, Tesco could improve the lives of millions of chickens if it ended the sale of caged eggs” said Ashley Gunstock, Green Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Leyton and Wanstead, “By not doing so, Tesco is putting profit before stopping cruelty. It is sometimes said that the consumer is being offered a choice of caged eggs and free range eggs but cruelty should never be a choice” he added.

Picture not available

* An "enriched" cage is slightly larger and better equipped than a basic "barren" cage but is still a cage and therefore still very cruel. Tesco intend to replace traditional cages with “enriched” ones. Then Animal Welfare Minister Elliot Morley said he did not see any advantages of “enriched” cages over the battery cages.

18th January 2009

Re-zoning Facebook Group

The Facebook group set up to show resident's support for re-zoning Wanstead, Snaresbrook and Redbridge tube stops is seeing new people joining almost every day. The group which was set up just over a month ago for people to demonstrate their support for the idea of moving the stations, which are geographically in Zone 3, from their current Zone 4 status into the more logical zone, is growing rapidly.

Ashley Gunstock, Green Party Redbridge Spokesperson recently commented: “When you look at the distance from Charing Cross – the centre of London – there are stations which are further away yet are in Zone 3, like Northfields. It (re-zoning) will actually help things – the tickets will be cheaper, so that will encourage people to use public transport.”

As it currently stands: adults on an annual travelcard currently pay £264, students £184 more a year, and children and New Deal photocard holders £12.74 a month if they use one of these stops, than they would if it were in Zone 3.

To express your support for the campaign by joining the Facebook group, please click here (you need to be a Facebook member).

For more information on the origins of the campaign see 8th February 2008 - Sign our petition for cheaper tube fares

12th January 2009

Stop the increase in flights

Quite rightly there is concern about the increase of flights over Waltham Forest due to the third runway at Heathrow but we are also going to be severely affected by the 50% increase in flights at nearby City Airport.

The biggest threat to our planet is climate change, scientists have now proved beyond doubt that dramatic climate change is happening and is the result of human activity. Aviation is an ever increasing source of greenhouse gas emissions. In order for climate change to be averted, among other measures, we need to stop the increase of aviation and certainly not increase flights at City Airport and Heathrow.

As well as the detrimental affect on climate change, more flights will increase the noise and pollution already suffered by the residents of Waltham Forest by aeroplanes. There is also the democratic deficit. We are affected by the noise and pollution from City Airport but we had no say in the decision taken by Newham Council. It was shameful of Newham Council to put (debateable) short term economic gain before long term climate change that will have a devastating effect on the planet.

Published and promoted by Mark Dawes on behalf of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party, both at 53 Scarborough Road, London E11 4AL