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News Archive 2011

24th December 2011

Greens say stop selling Foie Gras in Wanstead

The Green Party is opposed to the selling of foie gras and believe it should be stopped for good. It was very sad to see foie gras being sold in the French Market in Wanstead at Christmas. The production of foie gras is very cruel and causes great suffering to ducks and geese. It is so cruel that the production of foie gras has been banned in the UK. Sadly it can still be imported into the UK and sold in markets.

Foie gras is produced by force feeding ducks or geese huge amounts of food so that their livers swell painfully to up to ten times their normal size. This is done by pumping large quantities of corn and fat directly into their stomachs via a funnel, up to four times a day for up to 18 days, this causes the birds great suffering. The diseased livers of the ducks and geese are then sold as “high class” cuisine - foie-gras.

Having market stalls in Wanstead is a good idea as it gives people additional variety for their shopping but Redbridge Council should put conditions on stall holders that they do not sell cruel products like foie gras. After all, Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace and goodwill; it would be good if that compassion extended to animals too.

4th December 2011

Greens launch Action Plan for Animals

Picture not available

Noel Lynch, Caroline Allen and Peter Tatchell

On Sunday December 4th, Caroline Allen, Green Party London Assembly Candidate for North East London, launched the Green Party's ‘Action Plan for Animals’ at the Animal Aid Christmas Fair:


The event at Kensington was very well attended with loads of stalls by animal organisations, great vegan food and talks including the excellent keynote lecture by Green Peter Tatchell titled “For Human Rights and the Rights of Other Animals”.

In launching the campaign, Caroline Allen said:

“As a vet I know animal welfare is a big concern for many Londoners and that there is much to be done to improve the lives of animals in the city and beyond. Animals can give a lot of pleasure, whether through watching wildlife in our parks and green spaces, or caring for a family pet. But there are also problems; many animals have miserable lives, whether in a factory farm, laboratory or puppy farm. In London itself a lot of people are concerned about growing anti-social behaviour with dogs and our rescue centres are full of unwanted dogs. Irresponsible breeding is totally out of hand in areas of the capital and we need coordinated action to tackle it. Sadly I see the effects of this almost daily.”

“The Green Party’s plan shows how action at the level of the Mayor and Assembly can make a real difference to the lives of many animals. Through policy, education and procurement decisions London could really take the lead in this area and set a great example to other cities.”

Noel Lynch, Green Party London Coordinator and fellow GLA candidate was also at the fair. He said “In the past 11 years, Green members of the London Assembly persuaded the Mayor to pioneer a London Food Strategy and establish the London Food Board, with a strong emphasis on animal welfare. They have exposed factory farmed chicken that will be served at the Olympics, and secured funding to enhance and connect up the largest network of wildlife habitats through ten boroughs in East London.”

3rd December 2011

Greens march for action on climate change

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RoseMary Warrington, Mark Dawes, Chris Olende and David Hamilton

On Saturday December 3rd, the march organised by the Campaign against Climate Change took place, starting on the north side of Blackfriars Bridge and ending at Parliament. The aim was to put pressure on the Government to act to stop climate change. The current economic problems have put climate change into the background as an issue but if action is not taken, the effects will be catastrophic for the planet. Science has now confirmed as fact that it is humans that are causing climate change with the greenhouse gases that have been emitted in the industrialised world.

The focus of the march was the effect of climate change on the developing world happening now. It has caused floods in some countries and drought in others causing homelessness and famine for thousands and thousands of people. The irony is that it was not the developing world that caused the problem of climate change but the developed world and it is only just that the developed world takes action.

It is important that Governments agree to action at the forthcoming climate talks in Durban, South Africa and it is important that we put pressure on our Government to urge strong commitments. Unless action is taken now, it will be too late for the planet.

26th November 2011

Local Greens join National Anti-Fur demonstration

On Saturday 26th November, Waltham Forest & Redbridge Green Party joined the annual National Anti-Fur demonstration in London, marking the conclusion of this year's Anti-Fur Week.

The British Government has banned fur farming, but still allows fur to be sold in high street shops. Although it has been illegal to breed and kill animals for fur in this country for over a decade, it is still legal for shops to import and sell fur from other countries, yet if they were to produce those very same fur items in this country they could be arrested and brought before the courts for animal cruelty.

London in particular remains a major centre of the fur trade, with hundreds of shops throughout the capital selling fur. On Saturday 26th November, a series of demos were held outside the shops and businesses concerned, including some of the most famous names in fashion and retail, which continue to profit from the cruel fur trade.

Caroline Allen, Green GLA 2012 Candidate for North East Constituency and a practising veterinary surgeon, said:

“I am appalled that fur is still on sale in London and considered by some people to be an acceptable, even fashionable, thing to wear. Fur production is unbelievably cruel, with animals confined to tiny filthy cages, unable to perform normal behaviours and they are often killed in horrific ways, such as electrocution. It’s not possible to tell where fur has come from, or even from which animal, but you can be sure the animal has lived a miserable life. Surely the time has come for London's stores to show that they have concern for animals and ban this unnecessary cruelty.”

Caroline added: “Through my work I know that the vast majority of Londoners are real animal lovers and I am sure they would be very happy to see stores in London take a stand against this cruel and brutal trade.”

24th November 2011

Green candidate comments on local unemployment figures

"Recently released figures show that Waltham Forest has one of worst levels of unemployment in the UK and one of the highest rates of increase of youth unemployment. Unemployment is terrible for the people concerned and made worse by the bleak economic outlook. Whilst there are outside factors like the eurozone crisis the effects of these should not be over estimated, one of the main causes of the continual rise in unemployment is the Government’s disastrous economic policy.

The Government’s policy of drastic cuts in public spending in the middle of a recession can only lead to a reduction in economic activity and increased unemployment. And reduced economic activity and increased unemployment lead to the Government receiving less taxation and paying more benefits which adds to the deficit.

The way to tackle unemployment is to invest in projects like the Green New Deal which will create thousands of new jobs in industries like energy conservation and renewable energy generation. Not only will this lead to less unemployment but will stimulate the economy and cut the deficit as the Government’s taxation revenue increases and payment on benefits is reduced. And crucially it will help tackle climate change, the biggest crisis facing us at the moment.

As winter approaches fuel poverty is going to be a real issue for many residents of Waltham Forest, had successive Govenments and London Mayors listened to the Greens we could already have well insulated homes, massively reduced fuel bills and many more jobs in the insulation industry. Green councillors in Kirklees showed how it should be done. Although budgets are now tight this would still be a win win; surely its better late than never."

Caroline Allen
Green Party London Assembly Candidate for North East London.

23rd November 2011

Greens Launch Havering and Redbridge GLA Election Campaign

Picture not available

Haroon Saad and RoseMary Warrington

Haroon Saad, Green Assembly candidate for Havering and Redbridge, launched the local Green Party Campaign for the 2012 GLA elections on Wednesday 23rd November with support for the 10:1 Campaign.

The 10:1 Campaign calls for businesses, councils and other employers in London to ensure that their lowest-paid employee earns not less than one-tenth of their highest-paid.

In launching the campaign, Haroon Saad said:

“We have an economic model that is generating greater and greater inequalities in earnings. In the past three decades we have seen, as a result of Labour and Conservative and now Lib Dem policies, the top 1% increase their income by over 300%. At the same time for ordinary people their wages have been frozen or have actually become lower as result of inflation.

For every £ created, only 10p goes to the bottom 50%. 40p goes to the top 50%, 39p goes to profits (mainly for the top 50%) and 11p goes for health insurance and pensions.

The Chief Executive of Redbridge Council earns £223,478 per year.

The Chief Executive of Havering Council earns £180,293.

They both earn more than 10 times the lowest paid workers in their organisations and we call upon the council to take steps to reduce their salaries.

Those who argue that they deserve their high incomes are ignoring the fact that there is no connection between pay and performance.

We are allowing a culture to persist which is creating wider social problems. We need a deep cultural change in our economic model.”

6th November 2011

Greens support Occupy London Stock Exchange

Too much coverage of the Occupy London Stock Exchange protest taking place at St Pauls has focused on the actions of the Church of England rather than the real target that is the City of London. The current global economic system is not working; it has led to a financial collapse that has caused mass unemployment and hardship to millions of people whilst the “elite” collected their millions. But even before the collapse, global free-market capitalism was not working and had led to massive poverty in the developing world, environmental destruction, gross inequality with a tiny few having huge amounts of wealth at the expense of the majority.

Currently the “World Leaders” are desperately trying to get back to business as usual but that can only ever be doomed to failure as it is impossible to have unlimited economic growth on a finite planet. The protesters at St Pauls may not have all the answers but they should be supported for recognising the failure of global capitalism and working towards a new economic system that puts people and the planet before money and greed.

1st November 2011

World Vegan Day

November 1st is World Vegan Day and will be celebrated with events all over the world including a debate in the House of Commons. A vegan does not eat any animal products at all including dairy and eggs. Whilst most people know the ethical reasons for being a vegan, as it reduces cruelty to animals, there are very good environmental reasons too.

According to a UN report, Livestock's Long Shadow, 18% of the global greenhouse gas emissions that are the cause of climate change come from the meat and dairy industry, compared with a total of 16% from transport. One of the biggest steps people can take to reduce their personal greenhouse gas emissions and help save the planet, is to go vegan or vegetarian, or at the very least eat less meat and dairy.

14th August 2011

Local Greens comment on the riots

Whilst there is no justification for the riots and looting that have taken place on our streets during the last week, it is important to analyse the root causes so as to stop them happening again. And whilst there is no simple answer, one of the biggest factors is the massive inequality that exists in our society and is growing. Whilst some people are paying themselves millions in bonuses, for others in deprived areas, there is no hope of gaining employment and being part of society.

Our economic system is based on materialism, consumerism and greed; where we are encouraged to shop for the latest items we don’t need and our value is deemed by the material goods we own. This greed has led to politicians fiddling their expenses for personal gain, bankers nearly bringing down the global financial system to line their own pockets; it should hardly be surprising that the disenfranchised show their anger and frustration by greed and loot goods from shops.

David Cameron may want to label the riots as pure criminality but this is because he wants to hide from the truth; and that is that the riots are a symptom of the failure of the free market, capitalist policies that his Government and previous Governments from Margaret Thatcher have espoused, policies that have led to gross inequality, selfishness and greed.

13th August 2011

Anti-Vivisection Day of Action

Saturday August 13th has been designated Anti-Vivisection Day of Action by Animal Aid, ironically, just after the latest animal experiments statistics for 2010 released by the Home Office showed an increase in animal experiments in the UK. This is despite the Government’s pledge to reduce the number of animals used in experiments. Animal experiments are not only cruel to the animals but less effective at leading to treatments than modern, state-of-the-art, non-animal methods.

The Government is planning a new law on animal experiments and there is real concern that this will to a weakening on restrictions of animal use and a further rise in animal experiments at a time when they should be banned completely to stop this extreme cruelty to animals.

But sadly it is not surprising that animal experiments have risen under the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition as this Government has shown contempt for animal welfare whether it is supporting hunting, refusing to ban wild animals in circuses, culling badgers against scientific advice or increasing vivisection.

11th August 2011

Waltham Forest: Recycling Nightmare in the Offing?

In just a few short weeks (September), Waltham Forest Council will be replacing our black recycling boxes with green wheelie bins instead. These bins will be emptied weekly alongside our grey wheelie bins, which will continue to be used for general, non-recyclable waste. The council is also offering residents the chance to downsize their grey bins when the new scheme comes into force, thus encouraging use of the new green recycling bins.

Instead of using the bins as designated, my big fear is that people will largely ignore the colour coding of their bins, and end up dumping a mixture of recyclables and general waste in both. This type of behaviour already occurs regularly at public events across the borough. In the past 2 weeks I have attended 2 local public events: Chingford Day (Ridgway Park) and the What’s Cookin’ Summer Picnic (Henry Reynolds Gardens, Leytonstone). At both venues, recycling facilities were provided alongside general waste facilities. Were these used properly at either? No, they were not. At Chingford, 2 very large industrial-size wheelie bins were placed back to back, one green, the other black. At the end of the event I lifted the lid to check what was inside them. The green bin wasn’t even half full – surprising to me, after an event which had lasted approximately 6 hours. The black bin was overflowing: many recyclable items such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, beer tins and newspapers were visible on the surface – all going straight to landfill instead of re-use.

The South East sends more waste to landfill than any other region and if we continue at current rates, the region's landfills could be full in seven years. The EU Landfill Directive 1999 requires member states to reduce the amount of biodegradable waste going to landfill by 25% by 2010, 50% by 2013 and 75% by 2020 compared to 1995 tonnages. After over 15 years of organised recycling across the borough, much, much more needs to be done to raise public awareness and change behaviour before the Council can pat themselves on the back.

4th August 2011

Say No to the Stow

A campaign against the return of dog racing to the Walthamstow has been launched by the campaign group Greyt Exploitations - see (

It is good that a campaign is focusing on the cruelty of dog racing which is often overlooked when the future of the Stow discussed. Sadly, animal welfare often loses out to economic interests, in this case the gambling industry.

23rd July 2011

Greens demand end to ‘nuke trains’ through East London

Members of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party, including RoseMary Warrington and Mark Dawes, demanded the end of nuclear waste trains travelling through East London at a demonstration on Saturday July 23rd.

The demonstration outside Stratford station was to draw attention to the danger posed to Londoners by the regular movement of radioactive waste from power stations in southern and eastern England to Sellafield. The ‘nuke trains’ travel along the North London Line which passes through East London including Stratford. There were a number of speakers including Shahrar Ali from the Green Party.

The transportation of such highly dangerous radioactive waste puts the lives of Londoners at unnecessary risk of potential accidents and terrorism. The trains carry all the vital ingredients for a ‘dirty bomb’ and the very real threat of a terrorist attack will be amplified in the run up to the Olympic Games. The trains will actually be suspended during the Olympic Games though.

“The fact that the trains will be suspended during the Olympic Games implies that it is recognized that there is a danger with these trains” said Mark Dawes of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party, “It is a disgrace that Londoner’s lives are not deemed as valuable as Olympic VIPs and athletes” he added. “Of course, the real problem is the use of nuclear power in the first place. It is not the green solution to climate change and there is no safe way to store the toxic radioactive waste. The only real green solution to climate change is renewable energy. Renewable energy is affordable, safe and clean and the UK has some of the best resources in Europe, this is where the Government should be investing not more nuclear power stations” he concluded.

16th June 2011

Parking, charging and zonal marking in Wanstead

The Green Party wishes to again register its support for the residents and traders of Wanstead and also South Woodford.

As is well known the Greens are not great fans of the car, doing all that we can to encourage the use of public transport whenever possible. However we do not believe that Redbridge Council's latest parking charges and zone schemes have much, if anything, to do with a desire to reduce car use.

Therefore it appears that, yet again, the council is attempting to refill its coffers - which have been depleted by historic and ongoing financial mismanagement - and, as is often the case, it is the Wanstead and South Woodford targets which our local government administrators, in their infinite wisdom, have set their sights on.

In view of this we fail to see how the council can justify levying onerous parking charges, as well as introducing a harsh and restrictive parking zone. Such strategies, in effect, literally drive people to places that have free car parking which will mean that their money will be spent at, more often than not, supermarkets from where it will taken out of the local community. In these exacting times people need more (not constrained) local freedom of movement and to not have their money taken from them by stealth tactics - which they would otherwise spend on local goods and services - in order that they may take part in the regeneration of their local economies.

Unfortunately our local (just as our national) powers that be simply don't get it - insisting, as they do, on their demands for short-term financial gain - which will only cause further long-term economic pain.

30th May 2011

Greens join Circus Animal Protest

Picture not available

Campaigners including RoseMary Warrington (front) at the protest

Mark Dawes and RoseMary Warrington of the Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party joined Barkingside animal rights activists in several protests last week against the annual visit of the Great British Circus.

The Great British Circus is notorious for its routine use of wild animals as part of its programme of entertainment. Wild animals such as tigers and camels are kept and carted around the country as circus exhibits, living in conditions which are completely alien to their natural habitat and totally unsuitable for them. Not only do these living conditions cause great distress and suffering to the animals, but the tricks they are forced to perform for the public also come at a price.

The Coalition Government has recently backtracked on banning wild animals in circuses when it looked as if they were likely to do so. As supporting evidence for this disappointing government u-turn on animal rights, Government Ministers Jim Paice and Caroline Spelman repeatedly misled Parliament by stating circus owners were challenging the Austrian ban through the European courts. Checks revealed that there was in fact no challenge.

“It is very cruel to have wild animals in circuses and it is shameful that the Great British Circus still exploit wild animals like tigers” said Mark Dawes of the Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party. “It really is about time animal circuses were consigned to the dustbin of history, along with other cruel activities such as dog fighting and bear baiting. The vast majority of the British people want a ban on wild animals in circuses; I hope the Government listen to them and do so,” he added.

16th May 2011

Greens oppose the closure of the Log Cabin

Local Greens are very concerned about the proposal to eliminate The Log Cabin food and drink concession on Whipps Cross Road to make way for an Olympic Cycle Track. Whilst we support the establishment of citywide cycle tracks as part of a forward-looking plan to encourage more cycling and less car use, we simply cannot see the wisdom in building the track on Epping Forest land in the first place. Why not use part of the existing road width to do this instead? Surely it would cost far less than the current plan? Or reach an agreement with Epping Forest to resite the Log Cabin close by, perhaps within the bounds of the existing unpaved car park?

The outlet not only has a pleasing appearance in keeping with its forest surroundings, but it meets the varied needs of families on days out as well as key workers (policemen, NHS employees). For individuals who need to find some refreshment in the middle of the night after a long and tiring drive, the little Log Cabin with its neon sign is a cosy local beacon of hospitality and respite. Eliminating it would be a great loss to its existing large customer base. Have a thought too for the owner, suddenly deprived of a steady income from a 30-years’ established small business.

Please sign the petition to keep the Log Cabin open at (

9th April 2011

Greens say Yes to fairer votes

Picture not available

Campaigners for Yes to AV including local Greens at Leyton

The Green Party is urging people to vote Yes in the forthcoming referendum on the voting system. The choice will be between the new AV system or the out dated First Past the Post system.

The proposed Alternative Vote (AV) a fairer voting system where MPs will only get elected with at least 50% of the votes.This will make MPs work harder for us as they will not just be able to rely on their core vote in safe seats.

AV will also get rid of the “wasted” vote where voters currently have to choose between voting for their preferred candidate or tactically as in AV they will be able to do both.

Whilst this may not be the proportional representation system the Green Party would prefer, AV is definitely a step in the right direction that makes our country more democratic and our MPs more accountable to us.

7th April 2011

Greens comment on L&Q plan for Walthamstow Stadium

Supporters for the return of greyhound racing to Walthamstow ignore the suffering to the dogs that bringing back greyhound racing would cause. Greyhounds suffer during the racing as well as the greyhound racing industry causing the premature death of dogs, young and old. If people were aware of the cruelty of dog racing, I am sure there would be less support for the return of dog racing, after all, Britain does have a reputation of a nation of animal lovers.

Greyhound racing is an industry on the decline, Walthamstow Stadium previously closed and where there were once 33 greyhound tracks in London, now there are just three. It is the gambling industry that funds greyhound racing but people bet online on sports all over the world now so the demand has dropped. If the stadium is reopened as a dog track, after the novelty has worn off, it would decline and probably end up closing again and we would be back to an empty site again.

We need to work with L&Q to get the best scheme possible and not keep going back to the past by insisting on the return of a cruel and declining sport.

26th March 2011

Local Greens in National Cuts Rally

Picture not available

Mark Dawes, RoseMary Warrington, David Hamilton and Diana Wellings. Photo by Ross Hemingway

Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party members were among the half a million demonstrators marching in Central London on Saturday March 26th.

The TUC-organised demonstration against government spending cuts attracted a wide range of participants of all ages and social backgrounds, reflecting the universal nature of those affected by the cutbacks. Protesters included many small children and babies with their parents, as well as disabled people on mobility scooters. The largely peaceful event was the capital’s largest since the 2003 Iraq war rally, with individuals travelling to London from all over the country.

Earlier this year Waltham Forest & Redbridge Green Party joined a protest against NHS cuts, where 50,000 jobs are due to be lost. With public service spending cuts now totalling £81bn, the Green Party is calling for cuts where they are needed and not where they hurt.

Green Party suggestions for raising much-needed Treasury cash include:

Said Diana Wellings, mother and local Green Party member: “Today, March 26th, is my daughter’s birthday. Instead of celebrating at home, I am joining this protest in defence of her right and that of millions of other young people to an affordable university education. The new £9000 tuition fees, caused directly by the withdrawal of government funding, are adding an intolerable financial burden to young lives already negatively affected by the highest unemployment figures in 17 years.”

24th March 2011

Greens oppose Nuclear Power

It is wrong fpr people to suggest that without nuclear power, the country will experience a serious shortage of power. There are alternatives to nuclear power. One of the best steps would be increased energy efficiency; this could reduce our demand for energy by up to 50%. And there are alternative renewables such as wind, solar and tidal, which could take the place of nuclear power. These technologies need investment but that is unlikely to happen if the decision is made for nuclear power as nuclear power will need Government subsidies. Nuclear power stations will also take a long time to build, far longer than renewable sources, and will not be up and running before the end of the decade.

Whilst the nuclear industry in the UK has a better safety record than Japan, the problem with nuclear power is that it only needs one accident to have catastrophic effects and what Japan has shown us is how powerless we can become to stop an accident escalating once it has started. Despite safety measures, unforeseen events can happen or actions like terrorist attacks. And then there is the problem of nuclear waste which has not been solved and the irresponsibility of leaving this problem for future generations.

Nuclear power is a risky option and it makes no sense when there are more sustainable alternatives available which will lead to a cleaner world not a more polluted one.

12th March 2011

Greens support Fairtrade Fortnight

Picture not available

Green Party member Mira Vogel, left, at a Barkingside Fairtrade event

The Green Party supports Fairtrade Fortnight and Greens were involved in a number of events including at the Co-op in Barkingside. Fairtrade Fortnight is an annual event to highlight and encourage people to buy Fairtrade products.

Fairtrade aims to help producers in the developing world by providing a fair, sustainable price for products and better working conditions. Fairtrade aims to provide an alternative to the free trade system that locks producers into poverty and is based on exploitation rather than co-operation.

19th February 2011

Greens march against the cuts

Picture not available

Mark Dawes and David Hamilton on the march.

Members of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party joined hundreds of other local people including trade unions to march against the cuts to local services in Waltham Forest. The march started in Leyton and ended with a rally in Walthamstow Town Square.

Waltham Forest council is intending to cut £65 million over the next four years due to the savage cut to government funding. This will mean a reduction in vital public services.

"The Green Party opposes the cuts to public services, they are completely unnecessary. We should be investing in our future not making the vulnerable suffer for the failure of the free market" said Mark Dawes.

10th February 2011

Do not buy Shark Fin soup at Naman

The recent Channel 4 program by TV chef Gordon Ramsay highlighted the cruel practice of shark fishing for shark fin soup. Sharks are caught and then have their fins removed often whilst still alive and then the rest of carcass is discarded at sea, sometimes with the shark still living. This is because it is only the shark fin that has significant value and this process causes great suffering to the sharks.

It is also having a devastating effect on the oceans as approximately 73 million sharks are killed a year leading to a rapid decline in the shark population which damages the marine ecosystem. Shark fin soup may be considered a delicacy but the growth of this market is unsustainable and cannot continue.

It is very disappointing that local Wanstead restaurant Naman is serving shark fin soup despite having been informed of the cruelty of the industry. I would urge people to never order shark fin soup and the management of Naman to stop selling it.

1st February 2011

Greens disappointment at City Airport verdict

It is very disappointing that the campaign group Fight the Flights lost their court case against Newham Council as it will result in flights from London City Airport increasing by up to 50%. The case was brought because it was claimed Newham Council failed to properly consult other boroughs such as Waltham Forest and Redbridge and ignored changes in Government policy on climate change before making their decision to allow the expansion of London City Airport.

This is bad news for people living in Waltham Forest and Redbridge as it will result in even more noise and pollution from the airplanes. This is also bad news for tackling climate change as aircraft emissions are the fastest growing source of greenhouse gases.

That London City Airport thought this is great news is very short sighted and irresponsible. Climate change is the biggest threat facing us today and the short term economic opportunities provided by London City Airport will seem insignificant with the temperature rises and sea level increases that will happen unless greenhouse gases are curbed.

29th January 2011

Greens Protest against NHS White Paper

Picture not available

Speakers at the rally including Jean Lambert MEP and Wilson Chowdhry.

Wilson Chowdhry of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party organised a protest against the potential closure of A&E at King George Hospital and the potential privatisation of our NHS under the new health white paper

The event was supported by the national Keep the NHS Public group and attendees came from all over London and further afield. The march started at King George Hospital and ended with a rally in Ilford town centre. The march was a demonstration of strong community opposition to any cuts to the NHS. Any loss of A&E will impact on people’s safety and health.

Some of the issues include:

Said Mr. Chowdhury: “The Greens would maintain a publicly funded, publicly provided health service. We oppose NHS privatisation and treating healthcare as a market. It is our intention to submit a petition to Andrew Lansley calling for him to make a decision to terminate the existing poorly designed proposals a week after our protest. We would also like this to be a starting point for local protests across The UK in opposition to the Health White Paper that threatens to privatise our National Health Service. Compassion in healthcare and the prevention of illness should be at the forefront of our healthcare service.”

Speakers included:

Green MEP Jean Lambert and
Green London Assembly member Darren Johnson

22nd January 2011

Green comment on the economy and transport

The Green Party completely understands the anger and frustration felt by the British population in reaction to our local, regional and national governments' handling of the economic crisis, which is chiefly of their making.

We believe that now is the perfect opportunity to invest in services and green job creation, which would provide work for people who would produce an environmentally sustainable, money saving, energy infrastructure. In this way people would be able to earn and spend money in order that the economy may be regenerated. Furthermore the public should be encouraged to use an affordable public transport system, rather than (as at present) being squeezed dry for every last penny to travel on it to get to work and for our leisure. In this way our roads would be decongested, allowing everyone to travel more freely with less pollution.

However - although this quadruple whammy addresses the issues of the recession, unemployment, Climate Change and transport - the powers that be are heading (in gas guzzling mode) in exactly the opposite direction!

In any event, rather than cutting jobs and vital services, we strongly feel that the government should stop fretting over the size of bankers' bonuses and simply freeze these awards, so that it may first ensure that the most vulnerable members of our society are not being left out in the cold.

17th January 2011

Walthamstow Station Development

The proposals for the redevelopment of Walthamstow Station Car Park are due to be considered by the Council’s Planning Committee on Thursday January 20th. The scheme includes a hotel of 13 stories located right on Hoe Street (considerably taller than the 9 stories of Tower Mews next to the bus station). This tower block has no real architectural merit in itself and adds nothing to the streetscape of Hoe Street. In fact it would dominate and change the whole area, turning what is currently a tolerable environment into something alien.

Any building of this height will radically alter the character of the central Walthamstow area and we feel this is completely inappropriate. Walthamstow town centre has a human-scale which is much appreciated by visitors and needs to be preserved if it is to remain as a friendly, inviting and pleasant environment. If this scheme is approved with this block in it, it will change the town centre character for ever allowing arguments for similar sized blocks in other schemes such as the Arcade site; we urge anyone who shares this view to attend the Planning Committee (7.30pm at the Town Hall) and show our councillors that such a scheme is not acceptable. Walthamstow’s future may depend on this.

6th January 2011

Greens reply to Save Our Stow

Mr Holloway (Save Our Stow) mentions giving the greyhounds of dog racing the “love and care they so richly deserve” in his letter (Waltham Forest Guardian December 30th) but neglects to say that greyhound racing is a business whose purpose is to make money. The greyhounds involved are part of that business and are discarded when no longer profitable. This is why, two years after the closure of Walthamstow Stadium, dogs still need to be re-homed. Where is the "love and care" in this scenario?” The Dogs Trust say “a dog is for life”, not until they are no longer capable of making money!

Mr Holloway refers to Walthamstow Stadium enjoying a very good greyhound welfare reputation but this should be seen in context of other dog tracks being even worse. Even in the last year of operation, dogs were put down because of the injuries they received whilst racing at Walthamstow. Again, this is hardly showing love and care.

Published and promoted by Mark Dawes on behalf of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party, both at 53 Scarborough Road, London E11 4AL